on nights like this, i miss you, my dear old blog. sitting here alone in the dark, crying over the state of life and so wanting to pour my heart out. my new blog is too public for me to do that.

i know this feeling of being alone will pass, or at least the severity of it will. i am lonely but yet i don't want to be around anyone, don't even want to talk to anyone, really.

maybe i just need to sit here and cry. let it all out and get rid of it. i can't afford for this to take me over. right now i am just so tired, and feeling hopeless, and not sure where to go next. it's funny how even at 31 i can lose my confidence and lose my way...reduced to a child yet again.

i know, this too shall pass, but right now it is piercing my heart, and it really hurts.


Moving On

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that I am moving my blog. The new link is www.sominnesota.blogspot.com. I'd love for you to visit me there, and if you are linked to my blog, link to me on my new one! I am vowing to post more often again, so we'll see what happens!

I have moved a bunch of the old posts over along with their original dates, and I have also omitted some of the posts I don't want to share with the general public. ; )


everyone loves a poop joke...

gross, but too funny not to share:

i was in the bathroom, minding my own business and getting ready as my 4 year old son was going "potty". when finished, he got up from the toilet, peered inside it and said:

"look mom!"


"it looks like donut balls, but they're really poop balls!"

*giggles manically*

ahhh...the fascination with bowel movements starts in the males young and never really ends, does it?



so, i have decided i am getting my mba. which means i'm pretty much giving up a social life for, oh...the next two and a half years or so. but, the good thing is that i have definitely found my niche career-wise. i have found what excites and motivates me. it's marketing, product management specifically. i love love love it. i have gained a lot of marketing experience over the last few years, and this "new" job is exactly what i've been looking for. except the parent company sucks. it's a huge corporation. i don't want to be stuck there forever. i feel that if i want to get out of the company my bachelor's in social work just isn't going to cut it, not even with my experience. so, i applied to some schools. schools that have reputable online programs. schools that are "brick and mortar" based that happen to have an online mba. schools where i don't have to list "online degree" on my resume. it doesn't look easy. the admissions process is a pain. but i'm thinking it all might just be worth it. because... since i'll be going to school online, i had to purchase this:

and then of course i also needed this:

ahhh...come to me sweet little mac laptop, i am anxiously awaiting your arrival. ; )


letting go...

I thought I had more time for her to be a little girl, but alas, my six year old daughter sat me down this morning to let me know what was on her mind:

"Mom, now that I'm getting bigger and I'm growing up more, I think it's time for me to start picking out my own clothes in the morning."

My immediate thought was: But what if she doesn't match?!!?!? GASP!

But really, what's a mother to do? I mean, I could hardly argue with her logic.

My response: (whining)
"Can I tell you if something looks weird together?"

Ky: (very seriously and sternly)

*Honestly, I knew I was living on borrowed time, I should have been letting her pick out her clothes long ago. But I LIKED dressing her! She's my GIRL!! LOL


racial irony

saturday night we were invited to dinner at the home of the bf's dad and step-mom. the plan was to celebrate easter, a birthday and a recent graduate. we marked it on the calendar and planned to attend with all four of the kids.

saturday morning we got a call from the bf's dad. the bf let it go to voice mail. upon checking his voice mail, the bf groaned and replayed it over for me to hear. it went something like this:

"i am just calling to let you know that "the graduate" (the bf's step-sister) is dating a "black gentleman" and is planning to bring him and his young daughter for dinner this evening. i just thought i'd give you a head's up so you can tell the kids about it. i don't want them to be shocked when they walk in the house."


besides this being a totally sad, white bread, minnesota response, it is also extremely ironic considering this fact: THE BF IS FREAKING ASIAN! (adopted from korea by his white bread parents.)

needless to say, the bf and i didn't say anything to the kids. and were they shocked when they walked in? nope. and it made me very proud.