everyone loves a poop joke...

gross, but too funny not to share:

i was in the bathroom, minding my own business and getting ready as my 4 year old son was going "potty". when finished, he got up from the toilet, peered inside it and said:

"look mom!"


"it looks like donut balls, but they're really poop balls!"

*giggles manically*

ahhh...the fascination with bowel movements starts in the males young and never really ends, does it?


Worker Mommy said...

Ok, since you went there ...my son once peered in the toilet and said "it looks like a carrot".

I said...mmm hmm and pretended to look but didn't.

They do get rather fascinated with it don't that. Poop and uh their male parts.

Whiskeymarie said...

How sad that I'm still endlessly fascinated with poop?
Don't answer that...