letting go...

I thought I had more time for her to be a little girl, but alas, my six year old daughter sat me down this morning to let me know what was on her mind:

"Mom, now that I'm getting bigger and I'm growing up more, I think it's time for me to start picking out my own clothes in the morning."

My immediate thought was: But what if she doesn't match?!!?!? GASP!

But really, what's a mother to do? I mean, I could hardly argue with her logic.

My response: (whining)
"Can I tell you if something looks weird together?"

Ky: (very seriously and sternly)

*Honestly, I knew I was living on borrowed time, I should have been letting her pick out her clothes long ago. But I LIKED dressing her! She's my GIRL!! LOL


Whiskeymarie said...

I think that's about the age I started dressing myself. Get ready for some "interesting" outfits and color combinations.

Worker Mommy said...

Ha, at least your daughter let you for this long. My not quite 5 year old has to pick out her own clothes for school. For the most part she does a good job, but she does try and put her cheetah print shoes on with everything *sigh*

An idea I read somewhere...if she insists and you must take her somewhere where you might be potentially embarassed give her a little button to wear that says "
I dressed myself today".

I haven't tried it...but there was times when I wanted too ;)