so, i have decided i am getting my mba. which means i'm pretty much giving up a social life for, oh...the next two and a half years or so. but, the good thing is that i have definitely found my niche career-wise. i have found what excites and motivates me. it's marketing, product management specifically. i love love love it. i have gained a lot of marketing experience over the last few years, and this "new" job is exactly what i've been looking for. except the parent company sucks. it's a huge corporation. i don't want to be stuck there forever. i feel that if i want to get out of the company my bachelor's in social work just isn't going to cut it, not even with my experience. so, i applied to some schools. schools that have reputable online programs. schools that are "brick and mortar" based that happen to have an online mba. schools where i don't have to list "online degree" on my resume. it doesn't look easy. the admissions process is a pain. but i'm thinking it all might just be worth it. because... since i'll be going to school online, i had to purchase this:

and then of course i also needed this:

ahhh...come to me sweet little mac laptop, i am anxiously awaiting your arrival. ; )

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feistyMNgirl said...

congrats on your decision to get your MBA. its worth a couple years of non-existent social life.

good to hear that work is something-more-satisfying than the last job.

i love the mac-bag! you will be stylin.